We should celebrate Lucky Dube’s life

December 4, 2007

Moretele Park was packed with music lovers who streamed to Mamelodi for the Tribute to SA Music Heroes Concert. Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the concert. Metro Police had their hands full sorting out traffic congestion and directing people where to park. Perhaps the most special performance of the day was when the late Lucky Dube’s band performed some of the reggae great’s songs.

Dube was shot dead during a botched hijacking earlier this year. Musician Letta Mbuli said that when she first heard Dube’s voice in the background she was saddened. “At first it did not sit well with me because I know the voice and I miss it,” she said. Mbuli said it was important to remember music heroes. “We should celebrate Dube’s life and others like him and just sing along. I hope other artists continue to perform these heroes’ songs to continue their memory,” she said.

Canadian-born Sarah Brunelle, was there with friends from Johannesburg to enjoy the music.

“I am one of the few white people here but it does not bother me. The people here are so vibrant, it’s amazing. I love it,” she said.

Jakes Baleseng came all the way from Botswana.

“I have been dancing the whole day and now I am tired. I have videotaped the show so that I can show my friends back home. I want to convince them to come with me next year,” said Baleseng.

Mokgope Matlou from Mamelodi said local residents could not afford the tickets. “Many people from my area are unemployed so they don’t come to the concert …”

Mamelodi police patrolling the area said there had been no serious incidents.

Source - IOL


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