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Reggae Moments Documentary being filmed by BET

Posted on 19th July 2008 by Reggaelifestyle

Another documentary to record and celebrate the evolution of reggae music is on the way. This, the latest of such projects chronicling the history of the music, is called The Top 20 Greatest Moments in Reggae. And it is being undertaken by Earthstrong Production, Aranthes Lewin and Trinidadian Jeanille Bonterre, better known as Empress Jeanille, formerly MTV Reggae Tempo.

The documentary, being directed by Bonterre, will be premiered in September, if everything goes according to plan, on Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network 5, Channel BET J. The project began in Jamaica on Monday, at Stony Hill, upper St Andrew.

“And reggae is a big part of who we are as young Caribbean people,” the vivacious Rastafarian Empress added. “The company is called Earthstrong Production and my partner Aranthes came to me one day and he said, ‘you know what, all these countdown shows we keep seeing, how come no one ever talk about reggae?’ I said, ‘you know what, you are right…. we need to show them that we can have greatest moments and greatest icons. And greatest anything when it comes to the Caribbean through our music. And reggae of course is the number one choice’, she further explained.

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Response to.. Reggae Moments Documentary being filmed by BET

Olivia posted on August 20th 2008

Ok now I’m excited to watch this, even though I do feel some type of way about BET, I must say that I am in love with BET J. Let me tell you! Oooh especially on the weekends BET J provides programs from the Caribbean along from my country Jamaica, a show called Wick’d. It hosts an, um interesting choice of videos but I still love the programs from Trinidad and all over the Caribbean, especially seeing a host that I looked up to back in the day Rachel.

I will look out for this countdown on BET and BET J. Thanks for posting this because honestly I would of either caught it out of the blue or while channel surfing.

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