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Posted on 12th September 2008 by Reggaelifestyle

Yeah!! Christ feed the multitude wid only one loaf a bread

Christ feed the multitude wid only one loaf a bread!
Poor people there is something for you dont let the pressures of the system
Get upon ya head, Poor people there is something for you

Mankind cares not for his sisters anymore, still there is something for you
Writen in the the book of live we shall live forever more,
There will be something for…

Rasta works a manifest an it a blossom an a bloom,
Nature always run it course the tide is rising wit the moon,
It only take a spark to put a fyah to da fume,
What is hidden in the dark shall be revealed so very soon,
Tell Pharoah free the prisoners from the dungeon an the doom,
Tell di youths fi natty-dread an babylon put dem inna platoon,
Di trials an di perils deepa dan di blue lagoon,
Dem nuh wan fi nuh dem history yuh nuh see say dem a goon [...]

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Posted on 16th December 2007 by Reggaelifestyle

Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta:
There was a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.

I mean it, when I analyze the stench -
To me it makes a lot of sense:
How the Dreadlock Rasta was the Buffalo Soldier,
And he was taken from Africa, brought to America,
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.

Said he was a Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta -
Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America. [...]

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Posted on 20th November 2007 by Reggaelifestyle


stop it daddy
daddy stop it nuh
a going to tell on you enuh


daddy don’t touch mi there
i’m gonna tell on you one day i swear
can’t you see i’m scared
you suppose to be ma father


everyday a wonder why ma daddy had to be di one to take away my innocence
oh sometimes a wanna die feels like no one cares for me and it’s evident
that something must be wrong with me
i’m not as happy as i seem to be
the long showers i take don’t wash away the memories
why do i have to face these tragedies

we go thru struggles in life i’m aware
but to have ma daddy touching me that’s just not fair
stop him from destroying ma future
believe me he’s behaving like a creature



to all you mothers out there
give a listening ear
pay attention even if di man a pastor
yuh affi mek sure before yuh trust him wid yuh daughta
plus him will even try fi tek yuh son as brawta
watch it mek mi duck him wid some dutty watah
yuh cyaah hide nuh more now yuh affi meet yuh karma
if yuh know seh it a gwaan and turn a blind eye
den yuh judgment ago pile up bout a mile high

get suicidal if yuh tink it ago save yuh
because mi sure seh yuh naah guh get fi si di saviour
mi just cyaah find a name fi yuh behaviour
is a lucky ting wi got a nosey neighbour



when yuh feel like giving up
just shake it off and live it up
di most high will deliver you

cyaah jump di rope if yuh nuh try
suh wipe da tears deh from yuh eye
get di wings of confidence fi mek yuh fly

tribulations a just fi mek yuh stronga
love yuh self and it will help yuh fi get ova
any flesh weh hurt a likkle yute will neva prospa
a passing on di message from di masta


Queen Ifrica Myspace page

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Posted on 28th December 2006 by Reggaelifestyle

If yuh tek this too serious, then yuh really need som chuch

Dem feel seh tru dem guh a church dem sins nuh need forgiving…forgiving
Them really gone from god to worse with dem yah careless living…living

Me’s a bwoy weh nuh guh church from how long, radda sleep through the mawnin and put on a slam
but mi ooman shi pressure mi fi guh confession, suh mi decide to guh and kill the conversation
suh mi sidung right beside sista Pam weh a tell mi everything bout the congregation
bout sista paulette and har gay husband and how shi still a sleep wid the mini bus man
sista Gwen claim shi a christian but a last night dem ketch har inna stone love session
shi a do the dutty dance to the matterhorn song and a seh she get the ting dem from Baby Cham

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Posted on 1st September 2006 by Reggaelifestyle

You know
I can still remember when it was just me and you
suddenly it turn you and your crew
forget everything bout your boo

I wish you woulda treat me like ya glock
I woulda love it if you keep me pon cock
I wish you woulda treat me like ya yacht
keep me wet while the waves them a rock
Why can’t you stay pon me like the corner
and keep your lips pon me like your marijuana
I woulda love it if you treat me like a club
stay up inna me whole night just a bump and grind and rock


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Posted on 16th August 2006 by Reggaelifestyle

Intro: Alicia Keys] (Baby Cham)
Here’s my, ghetto story (*Story)
Been in hell through the fire, now, gonna take it higher (This a survival story, true ghetto story)
Here’s my, ghetto story (*Story)
So many reasons to sing now, plus now we got the keys to the kingdom (This is my story, real ghetto story, hey)

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