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Racist Cambridge academic disrespects reggae music and Jamaicans

Posted on 3rd September 2008 by Reggaelifestyle

A Cambridge academic was criticised yesterday after he declared he could not bear to live next door to Jamaicans who ‘play reggae music all day’. George Steiner, 79, who is also a novelist, said he believes racism is inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance is merely skin deep. Mr Steiner, whose Jewish family fled to America from Paris before the Nazi invasion of 1940, said: ‘It’s very easy to sit here, in this room, and say “racism is horrible”. ‘But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family moved next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day. ‘Or if an estate agent comes to my house and tells me that because a Jamaican family has moved next door the value of my property has fallen through the floor. Ask me then!’

Mr Steiner, who has been an Extraordinary Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge since 1969, added: ‘In all of us, in our children, and to maintain our comfort, our survival, if you scratch beneath the surface, many dark areas appear. Don’t forget it.’

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Bob posted on March 18th 2009

I’m a 46 year old Jewish guy that would love to move next door to this dolt.
Roots and Dub is mostly what I’ve got going on the stereo on any given day.
I’ll crank it up to the point where the decibels are pretty close to rivaling Deep Purple in their ’70’s glory era.
As for the Collie, I would make sure that I found a spot by the hedge where he’s got an open window and blow my spliff straight through it.
One Love for everybody, but a little less of it for this turkey!

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