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Asafa Powell - Train for Speed

Posted on 17th July 2008 by Reggaelifestyle

Nike and VP Records has released an Asafa Powell themed soundtrack. The former world record holder who has his record broken by his countryman Usain Bolt coatches the 35 minute sountrack which contains 13 tracks including a special exclusive track by high riding dancehall heavyweight Movado called “On The Go (Faster Than Bullet)”.

Movado is also one of the favourite dancehall artists of Asafa Powell and the both respect each other.

Asafa Powell: Train for Speed is available exclusively in the Nike Sport Music section of the iTunes Store for $9.99.

VP Records Recording Artist Movado

Asafa Powell: Train For Speed Tracklist:

“Train for Speed Continuous Mix” - Asafa Powell
“No Letting Go” - Wayne Wonder
“Overcome” - Wayne Marshall
“Big Up”        - Shaggy
“Deport Them” - Sean Paul
“Greetings” - Half Pint
“Hyperventalating” - Tami Chin
“Tempted to Touch” - Rupee
“On the Go (Faster Than Bullet)” - Mavado
“Stepz Out” - Zumjay
“Touch the Road”         - Mavado
“Here I Come” - Barrington Levy
“Bam Bam” - Sister Nancy

Popularity: 14% [?]

Responses to.. Asafa Powell - Train for Speed

Olivia posted on August 20th 2008

Ok, this is super new to me, are you serious? I see some songs on there that I already have and love….but is it really possible for an athlete to have his own soundtrack? I mean Asafa can have a theme song but a soundtrack? Was there a movie about his life and did these songs on the soundtrack help him to overcome obstacles in his life? I’m giggling while typing this. Its neat though and maybe this will allow other athletes to follow in Asafa’s foot steps by having soundtracks of their own, or maybe they did already….since I wasn’t even aware that Nike had a sports music section on iTunes. Thats the shocker for me right there.

petrena notice posted on December 2nd 2008

asafa to have a sound track thats shocking but i love the songs .asafa yu large

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